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Antoine invites you on a wonderful cruise through the Society Islands: Tahiti, Moorea and the Leeward Islands.

- Tahiti, since Cook and Bougainville's first visits two and a half centuries ago, has made the whole world dream, and remains a magnificent destination, from its shores up to its spectacular mountain tops: discover Papeete, its colored market, its picturesque handicrafts; the island circle, and the magnificent and protected peninsula, where Antoine will unveil for you his secret hideouts.
- On Moorea island, turquoise lagoons, traditions at the Tiki Village, jagged mountains and welcoming bays; a dive in the lagoon's water will let you discover a charming submarine fauna in unforgettable colors.
- In the Leeward Islands, we'll visit Raiatea, from where once started, on long double canoes, the huge Polynesian migrations; then Tahaa, peaceful and protected: it is known as "Vanilla island"; we shall glance through the extraordinary lagoon that circles the island of Huahine, before heading for Bora-Bora, the most famous island in the World: a refuge for sailors, a holiday destination, but also a land of history and tradition.

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