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Communicating, expressing myself is my passion. Having first
done it by way of songs, I later discovered, when I went sailing, the
pleasure  of writing, photographing and  filming.

We’ve created our store to ensure that these works remain available, even if traditional stores do not have room to accommodate them for long on their shelves.
In video, phototography , or stories, all of our works have only one
motivation : to take you to the end of the world
True travelogues, these films will take you with me to the most beautiful parts of the world ...
I’ll take your hand and sweep you away on a dream ...
Blu-Ray versions, to fully take advantage of the quality of the images shooted in High Definition.  
You can now download movies from our “Once Upon an Island” series. This new form of Video On Demand allows you to save postage and get our films immediately ... A dream at the end of a click!  
Photographic albums, technical books, log books, autobiography ...  


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